Protect Your Horse: Trailer Safety with Double D Services

Why: Let’s start with the important information, and then we’ll get down to details. We’ve received many requests for a client education seminar on horse trailer safety – and for good reason! Take the standard risks that come with driving, add in a dash of healthy fear for your equine partner, a bit of vision reduction due to the bulky trailer behind your truck, and a lot of weight from the trailer itself as well as your horse(s), and you’ve got a recipe for danger. We want you to be equipped to navigate the trials and tribulations that come with trailering your horse, and that’s why we’re bringing in the experts. Dale Chestnut and Jeff Rufenacht of Double D Services will come in to discuss how to best maintain your trailer when it’s off the road, how to safely drive your trailer, and what laws and regulations you need to watch out for at all times. Are there questions you have that you don’t think will be answered by these topics? Leave a comment below and we’ll be sure to address it.

Who: Double D Services and Irongate Equine Clinic

What: Trailer Safety Seminar for clients and guests

Where: 1848 Waldorf Blvd, Madison, WI 53719

When: 6:00pm, Tuesday, April 22, 2014

RSVP at 608-845-6006 or by emailing us at! We’ll be posting the notes on trailer safety the week following this seminar so that you have a resource to come back to.

Trailer Safety Seminar, Irongate Equine Clinic, April 22 2014

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