We think it’s “Time to Ride” in Wisconsin!

Have you heard?

The American Horse Council, in collaboration with a host of other equine organizations including the American Association of Equine Practitioners, US Equestrian Federation, National Thoroughbred Racing Association, American Quarter Horse Association, and others, is issuing a challenge to the equine industry! Equine enthusiast numbers are dwindling while American families are becoming out of touch with the outdoors, are less active and becoming decreasingly healthy, and are spending less time as a family unit. However, those families that engage in horse activities (all of you reading this blog!) are rewarded with great day-to-day fulfillment, physical activity, and social bonding with both family and peers.

What’s the challenge?

Time to Ride” is the AHC’s endeavor to bring newcomers to the equine industry. The entire Time to  Ride goal is to make riding and other equine activities more accessible and present to non-horse owners, and encourage participation in horse related activities. Whether you’re a riding stable, a race track, a pony club, or a trail riding business, you have the opportunity to introduce kids, moms, dads, and whole families to the joy that comes from riding a horse, or even just being in their presence. The 100 Day Challenge, hosted by Time to Ride, is a call to arms for these equine businesses. The goal is to introduce 100,000 new people to a horse experience through various equine activities. Let’s reengage Americans in the equine industry! Let’s introduce newcomers to the peace that comes from a trail ride down a quiet forest path, the thrill that comes with a day at the races, or the excitement you’ll find at a rodeo!

What do we need to do?

Irongate Equine Clinic is getting on board with the AHC initiative “Time to Ride“- and we need your help! To reinvigorate the equine industry in Wisconsin, we’ll need to extend our businesses to newcomers and encourage them to experience horses first hand. We’ll be starting at Dane County Humane Society’s summer youth program, called Camp Pawprint, where we’ll teach students what it’s like to be an equine veterinarian, and why we love it. But we don’t want to stop there! We’d love to partner with other local businesses. If you want to get involved in energizing the Wisconsin equine community, get in touch with me at We’d love to discuss ways we can partner with you to entice horse learners and lovers alike.

By Kelly Danner