Technical Rescue

When you need us

Your horse is down or stuck in a perilous situation
Dr Howard Ketover, veterinarian in Wisconsin for Ironate Equine Clinic, teaching first responders how to react to an overturned trailer as an example of technical rescue.

Sometimes, horses get in tricky situations and need professional help to extricate themselves. While it is our nature as horse enthusiasts to rush in and try to help, the action we take can put our horses and ourselves at greater peril. If your horse is in a tight spot, contact us for advice or assistance and we will provide appropriate and safe rescue services and techniques.

What we do

Dr. Howard Ketover has extensive experience in technical rescue of horses and their riders – we’re ready to help

After evaluating the situation and the health of your horse, we will determine the fastest, safest way to extricate her.  Often, proper rescue techniques will prevent additional injuries that could keep your horse from returning to performance. Whether your horse is retired and living on pasture or competing nationally, these emergencies require specific technical skills that greatly increase the chances of a positive outcome when your horse is trapped.

Dr. Howard Ketover has particular interest in emergency rescue, and has established a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that responds to large animal emergencies – Wisconsin Large Animal Emergency Response.

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