Stallion Reproduction Services

When you need us

Your stallion is on the market, and you’re looking for an
experienced veterinarian to handle his breeding

Whether your stallion is a novice breeder or an experienced stud, Dr Howard Ketover and Dr Pat Griffin, equine veterinarians in Wisconsin, collecting equine semen for artificial insemination at their collection location in Waunakee, Wisconsin.whether you’re breeding a limited number of mares locally or shipping semen across the country, we offer a full array of stallion services to make the semen collection and stallion management process as easy and hassle-free as possible.

What we do

We’ll take care of the full suite of stallion services, from collection to storing and shipping semen

Prior to breeding mares with your stallion, we’ll perform a breeding soundness examination to assess his potential fertility. This evaluation can include an assessment of his fresh semen, fresh-cooled semen, or frozen semen after thawing, depending on your intended breeding method. If you have a new or novice stallion, we’ll start by training him to the phantom to facilitate semen collection and evaluation.

If you have the need or desire to ship your stallion’s semen across the country, we’ll handle the details and collect, process, package and ship his semen to its destination, minimizing the work on your end. If your stallion is showing or
otherwise unavailable, or if you’re just preparing for the unthinkable, complete semen freezing services are also available.

For stallions with fertility issues, we can complete a full fertility work-up, utilizing the
latest diagnostic techniques, including a detailed ultrasound examination of the
reproductive tract and advanced laboratory testing.


  • Freezing your stallion’s semen can be beneficial for numerous situations, including an aging stud, a stallion who needs to be in the show ring during breeding season, and high demand from distance mares. Dr. Griffin explains the benefits of freezing semen, the process, and how it impacts the equine breeding industry.
  • There are various options for breeding mares interested in your stallion. Here, Dr. Griffin reviews the differences between live, fresh-cooled, and frozen semen, and what you need to consider when deciding what breeding options to offer for your stallion.

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