Shock Wave Therapy

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Your horse has chronic lameness, or isn’t healing fast
enough from an injury

Lameness issues can be very frustrating for horse owners, often entailing lengthy recoveries and difficult long-term treatment plans. Extracorporeal Shock Wave Technology (ESWT) helps the body relieve pain, speed healing, and improve the quality of healing. With shock wave therapy, we can accelerate the healing process for tendon, ligament, and bone issues, back and poll soreness, and recurrent wounds your horse may develop.

What we do

We use shock wave therapy to accelerate healing of injuries, and harness the body’s natural healing properties

To ensure your horse is comfortable and relaxed during what may be an uncomfortable treatment process, we may use a mild sedative prior to beginning. The ESWT then provides a high-energy, focused pressure wave that causes a biological change in the tissues being treated. It will stimulate the release of proteins associated with the healing process, as well as regulate inflammation. Results are typically seen after 1 – 3 treatments, which can be completed in conjunction with other treatments, such as PRP or steroids, to increase the efficacy of those therapies.

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