Preventative Care

When you need us

You want to protect your horse from preventable illnessHorse preventative care includes vaccinations, seen here, equine dentistry, deworming, etc.

We know how much you value the health of your animals, and we are constantly working to provide excellent preventative care to keep your horse looking and feeling his best. Good preventative care not only keeps your horse performing at the top of his game, it can help your horse stay healthy as he ages. We recommend biannual visits to keep your horse healthy and happy.

What we do

We’re here vaccinate, float teeth, and deworm your horse on a regular schedule

To help maintain your horse’s health, we offer a variety of services that can be tailored to the individual horse. These include immunizations, dentistry, parasite control, nutritional consultation, lameness evaluation, and the treatment of any other medical conditions or injuries.


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