Purchase Examinations

When you need us

You’re looking at buying a new horse, but want a medical opinion on
her ophthalmic, dental, neurologic and structural soundnessDr Howard Ketover, horse veterinarian in Wisconsin, testing back soreness during an equine lameness exam.

Are you looking to buy a horse? Getting a thorough veterinary examination before purchasing your next horse can help ensure that your new mount is healthy and sound, as well as alert you to any preexisting conditions or problems that may require additional management in the future.

What we do

We complete a full physical exam, and provide you with a comprehensive pre-purchase exam write-up following the appointment

Each purchase examination can be tailored to meet your needs. If you aren’t sure what your needs are, we’re happy to discuss your goals and plan the best course of action. Typically, a purchase examination includes a complete physical and oral examination, soundness and neurologic exam, podiatry and ophthalmic assessment. Other services that might fit your needs include radiograph, ultrasound, endoscopy, blood work, and a reproductive exam.

At the end of your purchase examination, you will receive a written report to help you understand what we found and assist you in making a good decision about purchasing your next horse.

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