Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP)

When you need us

Traditional therapies haven’t worked for your horse, or
you want your horse to heal as fast as possible

PRP, Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy, regenerative healing therapy for equine injuries and wounds

Perhaps your horse suffers from chronic pain in her tendons, ligaments and joints stemming from the stress of daily activity. Or maybe she just injured herself in the pasture, and you want her to heal quickly to reduce pain and get ready for show season. Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy can be used to stimulate faster healing, reduce pain, and minimize scarring. Tendons, ligaments, and joints typically have poor blood flow, which can be problematic because healing requires a good blood supply. That’s where PRP comes in – it’s a regenerative therapy that captures various growth factors from your horse’s own blood, stimulating and accelerating the recovery process. The procedure is minimally invasive, less expensive than surgical options, and can minimize the need for long-term medication.

What we do

We’ll use PRP to accelerate healing by harnessing your horse’s body’s own healing properties

When we determine that PRP may help your horse heal, we’ll start by drawing a small amount of blood from her. That tube is centrifuged in order to separate the red and white blood cells from the
plasma. The remaining plasma is then rich in healing growth factors and ready to be injected into
the wound or injury. Then, the plasma will diffuse slowly from the site of injection, releasing over a
period of about seven days. PRP may be used in conjunction with Shock Wave Therapy to accelerate

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