When you need us

Dr Lisa Nesson, equine veterinarian in Madison WI, applying ointment to a horse's eye following an ophthalmology appointment.


Your horse has a laceration around her eye, swelling or excessive discharge, or is just showing vision changes

If your horse is undergoing changes to his eyes or eyesight, he should be seen by a veterinarian right away. Common indications that something is wrong with the eye include eyelid lacerations, apparent vision changes, discharge, swelling, squinting and discoloration in the eye (such as a milky covering or a growth in the eye). Noticing and treating eye issues promptly is essential for your horse’s health and vision.

What we do

We will complete a full eye exam for you horse, and can refer to a specialist if necessary

We offer complete ophthalmology examinations for your horse. If we find a problem, we offer treatment, as well as surgical procedures. We maintain strong referral relationships with Board Certified ophthalmologists for on-farm or in-hospital evaluation and treatment.






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