Lauren Alderman, DVM, CVA

Dr. Alderman has taken care of my horses for years and they LOVE her! She has a fine tuned sense of what’s going on inside and out of the horse. She’s the one I want by my and my horse’s sides.

- Carol Jean S

  • Education:

Bachelors and Veterinary Degrees, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist from Chi Institute of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine

  • Specialties and Areas of Interest:

Preventative and general care, lameness and sports medicine, acupuncture, equitarian work.

Dr. Alderman has been a lover of horses for nearly her entire a life. A Wisconsin native, her mother introduced her to horses when she was just eight years old, and used the opportunity teaching her daughter about horses to jump back into the horse world as well. In the early years, she did a little bit of every discipline, but when she was introduced to polo at age twelve, she never looked back. She was an officer on the UW-Madison Polo Club, and now competes with the Madison Polo Club.

Dr. Alderman is quite experienced working with senior horses, as she personally owns one 32 year old, blind Arabian horse, and one 38 year old Polo pony. Both are happily retired and living the good life.

In addition to her work on the polo field, Dr. Alderman dedicates her self to equitarian initiatives, particularly with the Horse Spirit Society and the Christian Veterinary Mission. She completed vaccinations, castrations, dental work, and wound care in both Haiti and on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota, in addition to helping establish deworming programs at each location. The Pine Ridge Indian Reservation presented particular challenges, as the majority of horses are feral and unhandled.


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