Internal Medicine

When you need us

Your horse just seems a little off, perhaps they’re lethargic or depressed

Dr Lisa Nesson, equine veterinarian, using a stethoscope on a horse, internal medicine work.

Just like people, horses get sick or develop issues with their internal organs. Your horse may have a fever, act abnormally, or just seem lethargic or not quite right. Some common internal organ issues include hormonal issues, liver or kidney failure, muscle disorders, heart conditions, digestive tract disorders, respiratory disease or dysfunction, and neurologic conditions. These can dramatically affect the life and performance of your equine partner.

What we do

Internal medicine uses imaging, lab work, and other diagnostic tools to dive deep into your horse’s health

We offer a complete evaluation of your horse’s condition, including a thorough physical examination, appropriate laboratory testing, and other diagnostic evaluation using ultrasound, radiographs, and endoscopy. Once a diagnosis is reached, we will design and provide an appropriate treatment and monitoring program for your horse.


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