Imaging: Digital Ultrasound/Eklin Digital Radiographs

When you need us

Your horse is lame, but traditional diagnostics aren’t able to pinpoint the problem

Dr Pat Griffin, equine veterinarian, examining radiographs, or x rays, of a horse knee in Wisconsin.

If your horse has an injury or lameness issue, using an ultrasound and/or digital radiograph might help us visualize the problem and obtain a diagnosis.

What we do

We can radiograph or ultrasound hocks, knees, and other structures to diagnose lameness

Ultrasounds are used when evaluating your horse’s soft tissues, like ligaments and tendons. Damage to these structures often causes lameness. Digital radiographs give us high quality images of joints and bones. With digital radiographs, the images are available immediately so diagnosis and treatment can often be accomplished in one visit.


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