When you need us

Your horse needs their routine dental work, or they’re struggling eating or handling a bit

Dr Lisa Nesson, equine dental float, floating teeth, Irongate Equine Clinic, Equine Dentistry, Madison WI

Just like people, horses require routine dental care. We recommend biannual check-ups to prevent and treat any issues that might develop. While dental care is essential if you notice any issues with your horse’s teeth, routine care is important for a variety of other reasons, including:

  • Preventing bit and performance issues
  • Helping your horse efficiently process hay and grain
  • Prolonging the lives of geriatric horses
  • Preventing infections or discomfort from tooth problems

What we do

We provide routine dentistry as well as care for problematic teeth

To assess your horse’s oral health, we both look and feel for any issues in your horse’s mouth. If the teeth need attention, we use sedation to maximize comfort and safety, while using specialized dentistry tools and expertise to address any concerns.

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